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Version History

Latest Version
5/20/00 - Version 1.1 Released
- Fixed 'Fatal Exception' error on main/answer screen cause by incorrect
memory management.
- Truncated long words on answer screen to show complete stats line.
- On 'Answer' screen, if 'show answers' option is selected, long definitions
would have the answer duplicated in following definitions.
- On 'Data Manager' screen, similar category names would be hidden.
- On 'Data Manager' screen, sometimes add term would not work.
- In the 'Sushi1B' database, 'yasai' was not sorted properly and was
already included in 'Sushi1A'. Also, Kajiki, had incorrect phonetic.
- Fixed truncation of long definitions on 'Main' and 'Answer' screens
- Added small application icon for list view.

Previous Versions
5/1/00 - Version 1.0

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