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File Upload

Enter the complete directory and filename of the comma-delimited text file then click 'Upload!' to begin data transfer (Note: may not be supported by all browsers).

Data must be comma-delimited text with the following format:


- Words are 16 characters max.
- Phonetics are 25 characters max.
- Descriptions are 60 characters max.
- 50 records max. per lesson
- Quote marks will be removed
- Spaces in the Words will be removed
- Spaces on either side of the commas will be removed
- Duplicate Words will be removed (first instance will be kept)
- Records will be sorted on Words in ascending order
- Files can be created directly in NotePad or WordPad
- For EXCEL, use 'Save As..' and 'CSV (comma delimited)'

amass,(uh-mass),grow, build, heap
amass,"(uh-mass)","grow, build, heap"

Enter file name with complete directory (i.e. C:\temp\MyFile.txt):

Note: You will be able to verify your data on the next screen.


Enter or paste your text in the field below:

Note: You will be able to verify your data on the next screen.


Simply press 'Upload!' to enter data through a form:

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