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Install / Uninstall

Note: LearnFlash is released as shareware and must be registered for continued use. The author assumes no responsibility for damages caused by this program. Make sure to back up (HotSync™) your data before installation.

Upgrading to Version 1.1
If you have created your own custom word packs or added terms to the Personal
category, perform a 'HotSync' prior to upgrading. This will backup your
custom files in the 'c:\Palm\(palm_user_id)\Backup' directory with the name

Next, UNINSTALL LearnFlash and then INSTALL again as directed below.

1) Download the LearnFlash application to your computer through one of the following zip archives:
- demo.zip which contains LearnFlash.prc (the application) and Demo-FlashDB.pdb (a demo database).
- learnflash.zip which contains LearnFlash.prc (the application) and all the other databases.
- make sure to note where the file is stored on your computer.

2) Unzip the archive file you have downloaded.

3) Make sure to read the readme.txt file included in the archive for latest information.

4) Install the Application and desired databases as follows:
- Double-click the LearnFlash.prc file. This will open the Install Tool window.
- Press the ADD button, navigate to your download directory and add Demo-FlashDB.pdb.
- You can also add additional .pdb files, however, only Demo-FlashDB.pdb is accessible in the unregistered version. If you are low on memory, only install a few .pdb files to learn at first. When you have mastered the installed files, delete them through the 'Data Manager' and load additional .pdb files.
- Click the DONE button. When you next HotSync™, these files will now be loaded into your Palm™.

5) HotSync™ your Palm™ with your computer.

6) Turn on your Palm™, scroll to the LearnFlash icon (see below) and tap it to launch LearnFlash.

LearnFlash Icon   LearnFlash Application Icon as seen on Palm™

Navigate to the delete application (tap menu then delete on applications screen) select LearnFlash and tap delete (see below).

LearnFlash Icon

Warning: This will delete all custom word packs you have created!

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