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NEW! Now you can create and upload lessons online!

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Product Information

LearnFlash, the fastest way to learn words or terms because it keeps track of what you know!

LearnFlash is for your Palm™ organizer so it's portable and it's so easy to use.

Need to study for an exam? LearnFlash lets you create your own custom word packs!

LearnFlash with the Demo Pack is free for you to trial - Download Now

Purchase for $8.00 and immediately unlock all the exciting features of LearnFlash, including creating your own word packs and gaining access to the over 1400 terms in the additional word packs.

Learn about wines, sushi, the stock market, and over 1000 vocabulary words. And what's more, LearnFlash shows you the correct pronunciation!

Vocabulary Pack
Are you taking the SAT or GRE? Maybe you want to build your vocabulary?

The vocabulary word pack comes with over 1000 words!

Download Now

Sushi Pack
Konbanwa - good evening!

Learn simple Japanese expressions and the various raw items you will be eating. Impress your clients, friends or maybe even a hot date.

Download Now

Wine Pack
Now you can feel confident when reading a wine list or at a wine tasting. With LearnFlash, you won't sound foolish when asked about a wine's bouquet.

Download Now

Stock Market Pack
Does investing frighten you? Ever feel you are left out of the 'money' conversion?

Mutual funds, ipo, prospectus.. now you will know what everyone is talking about!

Download Now

Get the Demo Pack (LearnFlash Application and Demo DB) and the expansion packs (Vocabulary, Sushi, Wines, Stocks DBs) all in one zip file. Download Now

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Note: Only the Demo Pack (50 words) is accessible in the unregistered version.

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